Blogging on Bloke’s Post

I have been on the internet since around 1995. That was a time of pioneering internet activity, and I was part of it. As a public relations writer and a long-term internet user, it was logical that I would also experiment with blogging.

My personal blog started off in 2007 as a rant about anything I wanted. Given my professional work as a communications consultant, I published the blog anonymously — Rant, Rex.

As my blog evolved from a rant about anything I wanted, into a more informative lifestyle ezine with an eclectic mix of how-to articles, product and service reviews, and commentary on current affairs, I decided it was time to change the name of my blog. After extensive domain name research, Bloke’s Post is the new name. Both domains point to the same set of web pages.

Please do not expect boring professional business writing if you visit these pages. The pages explore many oddball topics, but surprisingly topics that people from all over the world regularly search for.


Rohan Exton
Managing Director